Nearly 50% of all raw materials used in packaging made by Novolex are derived from either post-consumer recycled (PCR), renewable, or bio-based sources.

That allows the company to innovate new products designed for commercial composting, said Erik Gonring, senior director of sustainability.

In October, Novolex received BPI certification for the Dubl Life line of paper bags and sacks, extending its product offering with the leading compostable certification to include one of its highest volume product categories.

novolex recycling information labelSource: Novolex

“Dubl Life bags are also recyclable, so we had a great opportunity to use the bags to support consumer education by featuring both the How2Compost and How2Recycle labels, which inform consumers of how to dispose of packaging after use,” Gonring said. “While making products of this nature is important, it’s equally important to provide clear instructions to consumers about disposal options.”

With the increase in science-based carbon targets, many customers have prioritized carbon footprint data on products to support their purchasing decisions, he added.

At the same time, there is a push for new bio-based solutions that are also compostable and the availability of options in the Novolex portfolio helps show customers the data that can inform sustainability-driven decisions.

Novolex’s industry-leading actions regarding sustainability include its GHG reduction target of 30% by 2030 and the recent decision to invest $10 million into its recycling facility in North Vernon, Ind.