SAN DIEGO — Leading Internet of things (IoT) technology company Wiliot is introducing its IoT Visibility Platform at Groceryshop Sept. 19-21 in Las Vegas.

The company is giving demonstrations at its booth, #A440.

According to Wiliot, the Visibility Platform allows users to continuously monitor the humidity of products, at the case level, from farm to store — reducing waste while enhancing quality, freshness, safety, sustainability and traceability.

The company’s co-founder and chief operating officer Yaron Elboim will be part of a panel speaking at Groceryshop in the session ‘Technologies Strengthening the Supply Chain’ Sept. 20 at 9:35 a.m.

“This is a game-changing technology achievement for supply chain visibility, and we consider Groceryshop 2023 the perfect place to share it with our many partners and other industry participants,” said Thaddeus Segura, Wiliot’s  vice president of data products and algorithms. “By adding humidity sensing to the Wiliot Visibility Platform, we are transforming the handling of products we all consume and depend on. Now companies can deliver impeccable quality to their customers while promoting sustainability and responsible resource utilization.”

The Wiliot Visibility Platform combines digital Wiliot Cloud technology with physical packaging technology with IoT Pixels — low-cost, self-powered, mass-manufactured postage stamp-sized compute devices affixed to products and packaging.

The IoT Pixels use Bluetooth to share data to the Wiliot Cloud to reduce error rates, waste, mis-shipments, mis-picks, and out-of-stocks. With the latest launch, the IoT Pixels can also sense humidity and share that data with the Wiliot Cloud.

“Based on this new humidity data, companies can now track, in real-time, the relative impact of environmental conditions on moisture-sensitive products – to improve their freshness, quality, safety, and integrity,” Segura said. “Food retailers can apply freshness insights to their operations to ensure the freshest, ripest products are sold first, while healthcare companies can monitor the safe handling and storage of medicines and health commodities. The Wiliot Visibility Platform gives businesses an entirely new level of insight into their supply chains.”