NEW YORK — At the 2023 Summer Fancy Food Show, plantain chip brand Barnana introduced its first Upcycled Certified product: organic plantain scoops, which are formulated with the peel.

The plantain chips are made with three ingredients: green plantains, coconut oil and Himalayan pink salt. Because the plantain chips are formulated with the peel, they have 4 grams of fiber per serving.

“Our newest innovation was inspired by our effort to reduce food waste in every way we can,” said Caue Suplicy, founder of Barnana PBC. “We have a 10-year track record of upcycling bananas and plantains, but the success of our organic plantain chip line created a paradox: as sales grew, we were saving more plantains from becoming food waste, but also generating a growing amount of peel byproduct. Our determination to solve the ‘peel problem’ led to experiments in my kitchen to test plantains cooked with the peel on, and ultimately to the launch of Organic Plantain Scoops as Barnana’s most sustainable product yet.”