SAN DIEGO — Internet of Things (IoT) technology company Wiliot has been included in Fast Company’s third annual list of Next Big Things in Tech for its IoT Pixels and Visibility Platform.

Fast Company, and its Next Big Thing in Tech Awards, have a prescient ability to smartly identify the technologies and innovations that are poised to positively impact the world,” said Steve Statler, Wiliot’s CMO. “We’re honored to have our ambient IoT Pixels and Visibility Platform recognized by Fast Company and we are committed to living up to their decision in 2024 and beyond.”

According to Wiliot, its Visibility Platform allows users to continuously monitor the humidity of products, at the case level, from farm to store — reducing waste while enhancing quality, freshness, safety, sustainability and traceability.

The Visibility Platform combines digital Wiliot Cloud technology with physical packaging technology with IoT Pixels — low-cost, self-powered, mass-manufactured postage stamp-sized computer  devices affixed to products and packaging.

The IoT Pixels use Bluetooth to share data to the Wiliot Cloud to reduce error rates, waste, mis-shipments, mis-picks, and out-of-stocks, the company said.

“The ambient IoT represents an evolution of the traditional Internet of Things that brings connectivity and product intelligence from large, expensive things to almost everything,” Statler said. “By embedding item-level intelligence into trillions of things, and connecting these products through generative AI platforms, businesses are equipped with the real-time data they need to solve many of their most pressing challenges. Wiliot’s benefits are broad and deep: we create more efficient, response supply chains, reduce their carbon emissions, enhance food and medicine safety, and so much more.”