SALISBURY, MD. — Perdue Farms recently released its Fiscal Year 2023 Company Stewardship Report focused on critical areas to maintain for the poultry producer.

The report notes its commitment to innovative products, and its industry animal care program, creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace, and positively impacting the communities where they operate.

“As we progress in our second century of our company’s history, we continue to face some tough challenges in our industry – from fluctuating grain markets, inflationary costs, and persistent supply chain issues,” said Kevin McAdams, chief executive officer for Perdue Farms. “We have reinvigorated our commitment to put our people first, be best-in-class suppliers to our customers and consumers, be exceptional stewards of our animals and environment, make products that meet evolving consumer demands, and support our local communities.”

Perdue detailed some of its new products, including the launch of Flavor-infused Chicken and Chicken Plus Snackers to meet the evolving need for snacks. The company also recently launched its Iberian Duroc Pork and grass-fed beef programs to expand premium offerings.

In the environmental section of the report, Perdue stated it made progress toward achieving sustainability goals which included a 95.8% diversion of solid waste to landfill which exceeded its goal of 90% diversion. In the last year, Perdue AgriBusiness partnered with Bayer to reduce carbon emissions and increase sustainability in the food chain.

The company also noted it was named One of the America’s Most Trusted Companies by Newsweek and donated more than 4.25 million lbs of protein to local food banks, food pantries and hunger-relief causes.

 Advancements in animal care remained as a top priority for Perdue Farms. The company continues to research the benefits of on-farm hatching of chicks to improve early broiler chick quality and welfare. It also launched “pasture choice” research to study what plants will thrive and which plants affect the birds and how.

The full report is available here and in an e-book format.