JBS’s Principe line of Italian specialty meats is enjoying huge growth thanks to the opening in 2023 of a new production plant in Columbia, Mo.

Prosciutto di San Daniele, Principe’s flagship product, is unique in the industry because it’s all-natural, said Ilaria Bigioli, Principe senior marketing manager.

Principe also makes Prosciutto di Parma, Soppressata, Mortadella, Pancetta and other specialty meats that are a perfect for charcuterie boards, she added.

Principe has needed that added production to keep up with strong demand, and the continued success of charcuterie is a major reason for it, Bigioli said. Principe forecasts continued double-digit growth in the charcuterie market for at least the next two years.

Charcuterie is fully mainstream now, Bigioli said, and consumers are looking for new flavors and, in particular, more authentic flavors and products with a better health profile. That’s a perfect fit tor Principe, which uses only whole muscle pork meat and doesn’t add artificial ingredients, unlike many of its competitors.

Focus on wellness 

Italian meat specialist Veroni is spotlighting the wellness benefits of charcuterie.

At the 2024 Winter Fancy Food Show, Veroni introduced a line of products with a low-in-sodium claim, starting with a Salame Milano takeaway tray.

It’s the first uncured product with low sodium intake and no nitrates or nitrites added, according to Veroni.

Veroni is also drawing attention to its products’ Humanely Raised Meat claim.

“We source the pork meat from sustainable farms that adhere to an animal welfare program,” according to Veroni. “The pork used is processed and stored completely separate from other pork meat swine meat and is identified with a unique label throughout the production.”

With Humanely Raised, Veroni wants to offer the best Italian charcuterie experience to American charcuterie enthusiasts, said Emanuela Bigi, Veroni’s marketing manager.

“We want also to meet the choices of American shoppers who are searching for healthier foods without sacrificing the taste and flavor of their meals.”

That’s why, she added, in 2024, Veroni has added a  “low in sodium” claim, starting with  one of the most beloved of cured meats worldwide, Salame Milano.

Veroni’s Enjoy AperiTime line is an all-in-one charcuterie board experience in four pairing variations that combine deli meats with cheese and dried fruits.

Also in 2024, Veroni is drawing extra attention to its Maxy platter line of Antipasto Italiano (12oz), packed in a new eco-friendly tray made of 85% less plastic than traditional Veroni trays.

“Maxy Platter is the ideal solution for large gatherings and celebrations the includes a selection of Veroni charcuterie paired with cheese and a new combination that features only cold cuts, such as Speck, Coppa, Salame Toscano, and Salame Calabrese,” according to Veroni.

This article is an excerpt from the April 2024 issue of Supermarket Perimeter. You can read the entire Charcuterie feature and more in the digital edition here.