LAS VEGAS — Walmart Inc. is on the verge of upgrading its Inhome Delivery program with automated replenishment. Using artificial intelligence, the program will track consumer shopping and consumption habits to automatically restock items without customers visiting a store.

During a presentation at CES 2024 (formerly the Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, Whitney Pegden, vice president and general manager of Walmart Inhome, described the rationale behind the program and how it will work.

“(Consumers) told us that weekly household planning and remembering what to purchase is one of their most time-consuming responsibilities,” she said. “And people get frustrated when they forget something or realize they don't have that one thing they need.

“The good news is we’ve solved that. Customers who are Walmart+ InHome members will soon have access to replenishment. It learns a customer’s purchase patterns to determine the perfect cadence to restock their essentials. So, the long list of things you purchase frequently. Whether it’s the ones you need every week or the things you need every 17 days, they’ll be there the moment you open the fridge or pantry. And you didn’t have to lift a finger.”

When the program will launch was not disclosed, but Pegden said it will not be subscription based.

“You might use a subscription for something predictable like dog food,” she said. “Maybe you need a bag of that every month. When you're trying to figure out how to replenish all your essentials, which is a bigger list with different items, each one with variable consumption rates, (it) can get a bit complicated.

“Our replenishment service solves that. It’s personalized and adjusts based on your changing needs. Not only are we going to get you what you need. We’re going to get it to you when you need it and even where you need it, right to your refrigerator.”

Walmart launched the Inhome program in 2019 to streamline shopping. Customers have the option of having products delivered to their doorstep, garage or directly to their refrigerator.