MAASTRICHT, NETHERLANDS — Mosa Meat, a cultivated meat company, announced on Sept. 7 that it would become a Certified B Corporation.

The company said that for Mosa to receive the certification, it was assessed on performance, accountability and transparency in their social and environmental impact. Mosa Meat was also evaluated on governance and mission of environmental practices, workers’ welfare and supply chain practices.

We are thrilled to become B Corp Certified,” said Maarten Bosch, chief executive officer of Mosa Meat. “This certification validates our commitment to sustainable practices and ethical foundations as well as strengthens our position as trendsetters in the global cellular agriculture movement.”

Following a year of evaluation, Mosa Meat became B Corp Certified in two Impact Business Models (IBMs). The company was identified for ‘Resource Conservation’ when it came to products and services that reduced energy and water. They also added “Mission Locked,” which recognizes companies that protect stakeholders for corporate decisions.

“For an IBM certification, companies need to demonstrate principles that are specific, material, verifiable, lasting, and extraordinary,” Mosa Meat said. “While the B Corp process is quite selective for companies to go through, gaining an IBM is considered to be even more challenging.”

Other companies that received the Certified B Corporation designation include Ben & Jerry’s, Amy’s Kitchen and Patagonia.

Investors in Mosa Meat include Lowercarbon Capital, Bell Food Group, Nutreco, Mitsubishi Corporation, actor Leonardo DiCaprio and others. 

Founded in 2016, Mosa Meat gained international acclaim in 2013 when it created the world’s first cell-based hamburger patty.

The company recently expanded its footprint at existing locations, including operations at Brightlands, The Netherlands, and the current pilot facility in Maastricht, which expanded last October.