ST. LOUIS — Charcuterie producer Volpi Foods launched new packaging with reduced plastic for its line of premium cured meats. The Eco-Pack maintains the same shelf life as Volpi’s previous packaging while using a new paper material that is curbside recyclable once separated from its thin liner.

“Our goal is to reduce the use of single-use plastic packaging, and we are proud to have achieved this,” said Lorenza Pasetti, chief executive officer of Volpi Foods. “For all of us to do our part in reducing plastic use, we know companies like ours need to make meaningful changes in how we package our products. It’s a win-win for consumers; why not buy a delicious product that’s in eco-friendly packaging?”

In 2021, Volpi introduced its first version of the Eco-Pack, which reduced plastic use by 70%, in its pre-sliced line. The latest version of the Eco-Pack reduces plastic by 80%. Volpi said since the initial Eco-Pack launch, the company has diverted 128 tonnes of plastic.

Volpi products featuring the new Eco-Pack will be available at retail locations nationwide this summer.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, Volpi sources all its animals from local Midwest farms, where they are raised without steroids, growth promotants or gestation crates.