1. Rise of the No-Compromise Convenience Hunter

Time-strapped consumers are looking for more ways to cut corners on time but not on taste in 2024. Tyson Foods expects to see more of these No-Compromise Convenience Hunters dominating the grocery store aisles as they seek out protein products that save them prep time without sacrificing flavor or freshness. Purchase intent for these types of products has doubled over the past seven years and shows no signs of dropping off. A few ways this will show up are pre-seasoned meat cuts and meal packs that combine a protein serving with all the other necessary ingredients, so people can make a great-tasting meal without making a last-minute dash to the store. 

2. Slow-mo breakfast is a no-go

With commute times returning to near-pre-pandemic levels, consumers are in a bind: they don’t feel they have time for a leisurely breakfast, yet they don’t want to give up on a healthy starter meal that packs in the protein. Tyson Foods is seeing a rising interest in breakfast foods that are held in the hand and are enjoyed on the go. Breakfast sandwiches were the fastest-growing item at fast-food restaurants and at convenience stores, too, according to data from Circana. But that doesn’t have to mean a granola bar or cold toaster pastry – people with no time for a slow-mo breakfast are leaning toward nutrient-dense foods and scrutinizing the grams of protein per serving. 

3. Shop small or not at all 

Faced with the prospect of growing inflation and interest rates in 2024, some consumers are saying less is more at the grocery store. In 2024, that means both smaller basket size and smaller packages of fresh meat, with lower prices to match. Where do consumers most want to see smaller sizes? Fresh chicken breast filets. Tyson is meeting the needs of smaller households and families who want affordable prices at reasonable net sizes, like its twin pack of 6-ounce pre-seasoned, marinated fresh chicken breast fillets.

This article is an excerpt from the February 2024 issue of Supermarket Perimeter. You can read the entire Meat Trends feature and more in the digital edition here.