Value-added meat is where it’s at

Demand for value-added meat/poultry (e.g. sliced, diced, and shaved meats) continues to grow as the number of consumers “frequently or sometimes” buying has nearly doubled since 2016.

It continues to skew younger with enormous popularity among online buyers.

Popular among several consumer segments

Gen Z, Millennials, Hispanics, and Black consumers over-index for purchasing value-added beef products at least once a month or more often, many driven by the desire to save time.

Return to office mandates make an impact

As many across the country return to the office, they are looking for convenient meals, easy to purchase and prepare, with 73% of consumers looking for meals ready in 30 minutes or less.

With that comes the need to save time when grocery shopping such as purchasing fresh meat online via grocery pickup or home delivery. However, people are most comfortable buying familiar products such as ground beef and chicken breasts that generally have consistent quality. 

The barrier is empowering customers to become more comfortable with purchasing muscle beef like steaks, roasts and brisket. 

There is a general lack of trust that store personnel will pick a product that suits their needs and preferences. In fact, there is a growing hybrid shopping occasion evolving that involves curbside pick-up combined with going in store to pick up fresh food including meat.