Saputo USA, a division of Montreal-based Saputo, markets snacking cheese for retail under its Frigo Cheese Heads banner, said Nicole Austin, marketing manager for retail dairy.

The line includes string cheese, gouda sticks, mild cheddar sticks, swirls and Colby Jack sticks.

The No. 1 string cheese brand on the market, Frigo products are available at retailers across the country, Austin said.

In recent years Saputo has expand the Frigo portfolio to meet evolving consumer needs, she added. One example is snacking combo packs, which include cheese sticks along with meat snacks, like beef and turkey sticks, for extra protein.

Saputo has also introduced new flavors, like gouda, and created on-the-go snack packs for quick grab-and-go snacking.

Consumers will also soon be able to find Frigo Cheese Heads Whole Milk string cheese in grocery stores. Rolling out this fall, it provides a good source of calcium and five grams of protein for a perfect snack on-the-go, Austin said. Snacking cheeses offer a perfect opportunity for getting creative and fun with marketing, Austin said.

For instance, in 2022, Saputo launched the “We Are All Cheese Heads” campaign, which stars “a zany cast of string cheese characters that are as unique as the families and tweens who enjoy Frigo Cheese Heads snacks,” she said.

The campaign and characters were inspired by the ongoing debate of how to best eat string cheese, she added, creating a new and whimsical take on marketing.

“Peel, chomp, nibble or twist – there is no wrong way to eat Cheese Heads snacks.”

Snacking cheese has always been a family refrigerated staple with its portability and satiety qualities, as well as its great pairability with other snack foods, Austin said.

“During the pandemic, consumers made a shift toward comfort foods, as well as easy-to-grab and healthy snacks. Cheese became a go-to during this time due to its convenience, delicious taste and nutritional benefits, like calcium and protein.”

This article is an excerpt from the November 2023 issue of Supermarket Perimeter. You can read the entire Snacking Cheese feature and more in the digital edition here.