ST. LOUIS — Anchor Packaging’s new line, Anchorware Reusables, earned the top honor for Foodservice Packaging in Convenience Store News’ 2023 Best New Products contest.

“Because reuse offers benefits consumers recognize and significantly reduces packaging waste, Anchorware Reusables help operators meaningfully differentiate their sustainability efforts,” a representative for Anchor said. “As more consumers seek sustainable solutions, reuse offers foodservice a compelling new option to engage their customers and add value to their food offerings.”

According to Anchor, the clear polypropylene Anchorware Reusables containers are both lightweight and durable, and they can allow foodservice operators to conveniently reuse packaging at a cost similar to single-use containers.

“A full range of sizes from 16-ounce to 104-ounce in round, square, and rectangular shapes offer operators sustainable solutions for ambient, refrigerated, or hot foods to 230°F from grab-and-go displays or full-service meals and sides,” Anchor said. “Common footprints with interchangeable, one-step push button lids assure a secure, leak-resistant closure. These microwave and dishwasher-safe packages are BPA-free and PFAS-free. In addition, all Anchorware Reusables meet the Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR) preferred design guidance for recycling at the end of use.”

The company also said that consumers will recognize the value of the sustainable packaging and feel good about their foodservice purchases.