PHARR, TEXAS — To support grocery retailers’ sustainability efforts, Villita Avocados has launched a first-of-its-kind plastic-free bag.

According to the company, the new label is made of paper film, and the netting is made from cellulose fiber yarn from Forest Stewardship Council-certified eucalyptus wood. Villita said it is the first produce company to offer this kind of packaging in North America.

Citing the 2023 Sustainable Packaging Report from Winsight Grocery Business, Villita said that 47% of consumers are concerned about the environmental impact of fresh produce packaging, and 37% of those who consider the environmental impact of packaging would be willing to pay more for sustainably packaged produce.

However, the company said its pursuit of a plastic-free bag first started internally with Villita owner Alfredo Rodriguez Sr. asking his team to seek out ways the company could be more sustainable.

“We knew that the more bagged avocados we sold, the more taxing on the environment, because what are you going to do with the bags?” said Rob Ybarra, executive vice president. “We knew that we needed to take a big step forward and put our stake in the ground for sustainability. You have to be committed to do it, and the company is. We feel it’s worth it. We feel it’s essential for the future, and we’re all in.”

Ybarra said initial interest in the new packaging has been strong. The bags will become available for both organic and conventional avocados in late 2023.

“Everybody wants to do their part to protect the environment,” Ybarra said. “That’s the beautiful thing about this. When we partner on sustainability initiatives, we’re part of something bigger, something that’s so consequential. Can you imagine the huge positive impact? Then as we tell that story to consumers, the effect multiplies. This is a game-changer for bagged avocados, and we’re proud to be part of it.”

For retailers interested in learning more about the new 100% plastic-free bags, Villita said to contact Ybarra directly at