GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. — Grocery retailer SpartanNash is expanding its use of Upshop’s AI-powered Magic application to optimize localized inventory, bolster efficient merchandising strategies, and improve sustainability, according to the company. 

"At SpartanNash, we're prioritizing technology to enhance our Associate and store guest experience," said Tom Swanson, SpartanNash executive vice president, corporate retail. "By leveraging advanced analytics to predict product demand, our Associates can spend less time checking inventory and more time face-to-face helping serve our shoppers."

Employee managing inventory in a grocery storeSource: Upshop

Upshop’s Magic application was designed to offer the grocery industry actionable insights that enhance inventory accuracy and guest satisfaction by tracking and reporting the following:

  • Seasonal trends
  • Promotional activity
  • Display allocation
  • Real-time sales data 

"As a leader in forecast and ordering solutions, Upshop is excited to partner with innovative grocery retailers such as SpartanNash to offer the tools they need to optimize their inventory to meet total store demand," said Shamus Hines, Upshop CEO. "We're confident this expanded solution will provide an exceptional shopping experience for store guests by ensuring shelves are always stocked with delicious, fresh options."

SpartanNash’s expansion with Upshop follows the company’s recently announced plans to use an autonomous inventory robot named Tally in 15 Michigan and Indiana stores.

"We're proud to continue to demonstrate how AI technology can improve operational excellence in our stores and across our business network," said Masiar  Tayebi, SpartanNash executive vice president and chief strategy and information officer. "Improving our inventory control and accuracy accelerates the financial benefits we can realize from our merchandising and supply chain transformations."

Upshop Total Store Operations Experience — SpartanNash