Having meat saws in-store gives grocery meat departments the flexibility to meet changing customer demands.

More and more, customers are invested in the meat they buy and a have more sophisticated interest in the type and source of it, said Megan Gray, product line manager for Troy, Ohio-based Hobart Food Equipment Group.

“They’re often looking for specific cuts to purchase from the meat case,” she said. “Products that are already prepped can help grocery stores save time for their busy customers. For those inclined to wait to purchase from the meat counter, having a meat saw can offer the versatility to meet requests for special cuts.”

As customers increasingly look at where their meat is sourced, they often want fresh (not previously frozen) options, Gray added. That increases the demand for meat saws, so grocery store meat departments can stay competitive and provide their customers with the fresh, precise cuts they’re looking for.

While for many retailers, an in-house meat saw is the best fit, others have moved their meat room activities to commissaries. Regardless of the route they choose, Hobart has the perfect meat saw to meet their needs, Gray said.

Hobart currently makes two meat saws for use in grocery meat departments.

The 6801 saw has a cutting clearance of 15-3/4-inch depth, a height of 17-1/2-inch height (H) and a width of 24 inches. The smaller footprint 6614 has a depth of 12-1/2 inches, a height of 15-1/4 inches and a 20-inch width.

Both meat saws feature a durable 3 hp motor, along with a direct gear driven transmission for consistent, reliable performance, Gray said.

In addition, there are no belts to replace, slip, adjust or break, and the saws feature removable double-flanged pulleys for true running of the blade, so meat departments can get precise cuts, she added.

glass meat counter in a storeSource: Hobart Food Equipment Group


Peace of mind

Putting users at ease has always been the top priority for Hobart, Gray said, and meat saws are no exception.

standing person operating a meat sawSource: Hobart Food Equipment Group

“We added an integrated pusher plate to the 6801and 6614 meat saws that eliminates the need for operators to hold the meat near the blade, adding convenience to the equipment,” she said. “Because the plate is integrated into the saw, it won’t get lost, and operators can easily rotate it out of the way when they’re done using it.”

Any changes Hobart can incorporate to make its equipment easier to use is crucial to the company, Gray said, and the addition of an integrated pusher plate is a prime example of that. 

In addition to the integrated pusher attachment, Hobart offers operator assurance with its upper and lower blade guards.

With Hobart guards, the blade is guarded above and below the cutting area – but operators can still access it for cleaning.

Hobart also designed its meat saws for ease of use and ease of sanitation and cleaning, Gray said.

Operators can adjust the legs of the meat saws to a comfortable height and easily disengage the gauge plate to adjust it for cut thickness. And the open-frame construction allows operators to clean the meat saws with a hose or power washer (up to 1,100 psi). No tools are needed to remove the pulley, blade cleaners and guide assemblies.

This article is an excerpt from the August 2023 issue of Supermarket Perimeter. You can read the full Meat Saws feature and more in the digital edition here.