In 2017 Dayton, Ohio-based Globe introduced its S series line of slicers for use in instore delis.

Globe typically classifies its slicers as “good, better and best,” said Ryan Feasel, the company’s vice president of sales. The S series definitely falls into the “best” category.

“It has the most features, slices the most – cheeses, too,” he said. “It fits that particular market well.”

Despite being just six years old, the S series has already undergone some crucial evolutions.

One of the first changes Globe made was to add a removable knife for easier cleaning, Feasel said.

More recently, the company added a 4-hour timing alert to its S series slicers.

Slicers should be cleaned at least every four hours. With 30 minutes left in a 4-hour cycle, the slicer alerts users. With 15 minutes left, it issues a second alert. If the slicer still hasn’t been cleaned, it automatically shuts off, and the only way to turn it back on is to unplug it and plug it back in.

The 4-hour timer is unique in the industry, Feasel said.

Both the removable knife and the timing alert were added due to requests from Globe’s retail grocery partners, Feasel said.

Another thing that Globe prides itself on is the ease with which its slicers can be cleaned, Feasel said.

In Globe slicers, for instance, there’s plenty of space between the blade and motor housing. With other slicers, that can be hard to clean effectively due to tight quarters.

With Globe slicers, Feasel said, users can get their whole hand in the space for easy cleaning with a cloth.

Clear communication

Globe S series slicers also feature clear text graphic displays, which make it easy for users to see if the knife cover is off, what speed the slicer is set at, how many slices have been cut in automatic mode over a certain period of time, when the last time they were unplugged is, and other vital information.

“It will run diagnostics for you. If any interlocks aren’t secured, it tells you were it needs to be fixed.”

Globe slicers also have two-year warranties for parts and labor, Feasel said. Other slicer only have one-year standard warranties.

Globe S series slicers also feature incredibly precise indexing knobs, which guarantees accurate thinness of slices and prevents waste as users reach the end of the meat or cheese they’re slicing.

Even in an age of chronic labor shortages, grocery stores still think it’s more than worthwhile to cut deli meats in-store, Feasel said.

“We don’t see that demand waning much. Any time there are new store builds, there are always slicers on the equipment lists, and the replacement business is still high.”

Many grocery shoppers, Feasel said, still like to go to the deli counter and get the exact amount of delis meats and cheeses they want, cut the way they want.

Nostalgia also plays a big role.

“The experience itself still draws people in,” he said. “My boys like to go into the store with me, to get a sample, to watch them slice it.”

There may not be as many people manning those slicers as in the past, and customers may have to wait a bit longer, but for many consumers, it’s still an essential part of their grocery shopping experience, Feasel said.

Ease and precision

Hobart deli slicers slice cheese, charcuterie, deli meats and vegetables with ease and precision, according to the company.

“Hobart slicers make light work of your heaviest-duty slicing task. Our Interlocking Gauge Plate System gives your employees an extra level of protection, and the Borazon Sharpening Stones keep the knife honed to perfection. Hobart machines are easy to care for, letting you spend time creating the next great dish.”

Hobart HS Series Slicer Machines deliver a high-quality cut with ease and precision, according to Hobart.

“No matter your operation, a local deli, chain restaurant or retail establishment, the Hobart HS heavy duty slicer machines can help you deliver precision with every cut.”

The slicers feature benefits like Zero-Knife exposure — a Hobart exclusive — that provides operators an additional level of confidence while sharpening and cleaning the slicer machine. Hobart’s patented knife removal tool, optional on select models, allows the knife to be completely removed during the cleaning process.

“It ensures blade edges are completely protected and enhances cleaning.”

Five other benefits of Hobart slicers

1. Precise cut

While lesser knives will dull quickly or pit, the HS Series heavy duty slicer stay sharp longer, giving you unparalleled precision.

2. Easy to clean

Seamless and removable features make sanitation a breeze.

3. Super alloy knife edge

Slice precision comes down to this super alloy knife. Forged at Hobart’s Ohio plant, this blade holds its edge longer and delivers just the right cut.

4. Variable-speed automatic product carriage

Flexibility, precision and efficient performance. The HS Series slicer machines are equipped with three stroke lengths and four stroke speeds to handle a wide variety of products. Even strokes with reduced drag.

5. HS Series Product Tray and large meat grip

The HS Series Product Tray works together with the removable, rear-mounted meat-grip assembly to secure product placement, enhancing every slice.

Commissary insider

Many retailers are finding that commissaries and central kitchens offer a great way to centralize the production and distribution process of deli meats and to save on costs, said Ryan Feasel, vice president of sales for Dayton, Ohio-based Globe, makers of slicers and other equipment.

“It’s staying steady, leaning towards growing a little bit,” Feasel said of Globe’s commissary demand for slicers. As with its instore deli business, Globe’s S series are the best fit for commissaries and central kitchens, he said.