DECATUR, ALA. — Wayne-Sanderson Farms announced that its new production line would allow the country to produce more than 42 million lbs of chicken wings each year. 

The company stated that the new wing line comes when demand will increase in late summer and early fall 2022.

“We expect sales to increase as word spreads about our new capability,” said Keri Hart, brand manager for Wayne-Sanderson Farms. “As COVID restrictions ease, out-of-home dining numbers are picking up and America’s love of chicken wings continues to soar."

The Decatur, Ala., prepared foods complex can produce both steamed and roasted bone-in wing products. The company said Line 51’s twin-drum oven and spiral freezer set-up runs in two shifts to meet demand for existing customers and accommodate new orders.

“Our customers wanted more product because wings are winners on every table,” said Tom Bell vice president of prepared foods at Wayne Farms. “Practically every restaurant segment — from quick-serve to fine-dining —has a wing offering somewhere on their menu. People love wings, and we want our customers to have those products available.”

The company said that the average American eats about 290 wings each or about 17,000 in a lifetime.

The recent joint venture between Wayne-Sanderson farms employs 23,000 people and operates 23 fresh and further-processing facilities across Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina and Texas.