Oakwood, Ga.-based Wayne-Sanderson Farms reports similar strong demand for its grocery sous vide products, said Beau Batchelor, the shipper’s corporate research chef for product development.

Wayne-Sanderson is particularly excited about a new single serving item the company is launching nationwide this year, a 4-ounce flame-grilled, clean-label chicken breast with many applications, especially as an on-the-go protein that’s perfect for quick meal solutions.  Its single pouch packaging configuration, Batchelor said, makes it applicable to many consumers — you can pick as many as you need to feed your group.

“We’ve seen more requests for our products in the last year in retail and in deli where this item could be used both instore for fresh meal prep or bought by the consumer to take home and prepare as they wish,” he said. “Being savory marinated with just a little broth, salt and pepper, they provide the perfect canvas for the home chef to get creative with or just make a simple, delicious home cooked meal.” 

Wayne-Sanderson’s retail sous vide products, Batchelor added, “tick all the boxes” for the company’s customers. They’re all natural/clean label recipes, and they provide customers with a convenient, delicious protein source. In addition, a portion of Wayne-Sanderson’s product line showcases the company’s responsible growing practices through the use of NAE and GAP2 Birds (Naked Truth).  

Looking ahead, Batchelor said Wayne-Sanderson will continue to respond to its customers’ needs as its sous vide offerings grow.

“We believe that single-serve in both the cold case and deli areas are viable for continued growth.”