REEDLEY, CALIF. — Family-owned fruit supplier Fruit World has found that consumers are purchasing grapes with nostalgia in mind.

In particular, the company reports that consumers have a preference for classic, aromatic seeded grapes.

Fruit World has increased grape volume in 2022 but still predicts that the demand will be higher than its supply this year.

"Retail buyers, particularly at specialty and gourmet grocery chains, are responding to consumer interest and placing early orders to lock-in supply," said Bianca Kaprielian, Fruit World co-founder and CEO. "No longer just a children’s healthy snack, adults are drawn to the bold flavor profiles of our Kyoho and Thomcord varieties to use in recipes, charcuterie boards and creative beverages."

Kyoho grapes

"Place a bowl of Kyohos on the counter, and the room will be filled with an irresistible aroma," said CJ Buxman, Fruit World co-founder and director of supply. "And the seeds are an added attraction, with many people eating the crunchy seeds and enjoying the enhanced experience and nutritional benefits."

Fruit World’s conventional Kyoho grapes are currently available in 8-by-3-pound clamshell containers. Alternative packaging options can be requested.

Fruit World is also in the process of producing an organic Kyoho grape variety that is expected to be available in 2024.

Fruit-World-Kyoho-GrapesImage courtesy of Fruit World


Thomcord grapes

For seedless grape fans, Fruit World is also launching a new variety toward the end of July. The new Thomcord variety is a hybrid of Concord and Thompson seedless grapes.

While the skin of the Thomcord grape is soft like the Thompson variety, the powerful flavor of the Concord grape is not lost.

The Fruit World Thomcord grapes are aligned with current trends, being sold in 10-by-2-pound biodegradable and compostable bags that have fun, attention-grabbing graphics.

"Our environmentally-friendly packaging and the consumer engagement cards we pack in every tote have proven very popular with consumers," Kaprielian said.

Retailers can also request traditional clamshells for Thomcord grapes if they prefer.

Fruit-World-Organic-Thomcord-GrapesImage courtesy of Fruit World