Utilize technology to bring consumers back to the perimeter with these top five tips.

1. Make it a meal. Add “bundling” programs to your website that make it as easy as possible for consumers to turn items from multiple areas of the perimeter into a meal.

2. Inventory control. 39% of foods sold in grocery stores fall into the “highly perishable” category. Lean on cutting-edge software programs to make sure perishables don’t get wasted — and don’t turn off shoppers who inadvertently buy them.

3. Forecast: strong sales. The right technology can help retailers forecast the products shoppers want to buy and ensure those are stocked appropriately.

4. Variety, abundance and sustenance. That’s what consumers want to see when they look at a fresh perimeter display. Pulling off that triple threat is much easier with the right software ensuring the right mix of on-trend, peak-quality foods.

5. AI. Artificial intelligence and machine learning models predict exactly how much highly perishable product you need to order to meet customer demand and maximize sales.