Consider 2024 to be the year of promoting festive fun in the instore cake department.

Rich Products and Funfetti have formed a partnership that is bringing the first and only Funfetti in-store bakery (ISB) products to the market. The duo is debuting several sweet treats, including a new take on Rich’s iconic Bettercreme whipped icing, Rich’s Funfetti Bettercreme.

“This partnership combines the iconic Funfetti brand with Rich’s strong ISB category leadership,” said Alvino Battistoni, vice president, ISB&D Direct Chains, Rich Products. “Both Rich’s and the Funfetti brand have a long history of delivering innovative products and inspiring celebratory moments, so this collaboration is a natural fit. We’re excited to expand our portfolio, providing ISB operators with a fun lineup of offerings that we know consumers will love.”

Rich’s Funfetti Bettercreme features a vanilla-flavor, Funfetti sprinkles and smooth, light, creamy taste. Packaged in a nine-pound pail, Funfetti Bettercreme has a shelf life of 540 days frozen and seven days refrigerated. 

“Funfetti has been delivering baking products to help families transform any day into a celebration for 30 years,” said Dan Anglemyer, chief operating officer, Hometown Food Company. “As a company dedicated to inspiring possibilities, Rich’s offers a broad portfolio of creative solutions and strong industry leadership that’s a great match with the Funfetti brand. We’re looking forward to creating more special moments for families through this partnership.”

Other icing and decoration options abound. Lawrence Foods offers a solution that delivers brand-driving flavor to help build traffic and loyalty. Whether you are looking for an icing to heat and pour or use at ambient temperatures, with Lawrence Foods’ product line-up, you choose what fits your operational needs best.

Shelf-stable icings supply a delicious flavor and will remain smooth. They are easy to apply because of their light viscosity and texture. With a large selection of seasonal flavors, Lawrence Foods offers a variety of buttercréme icings that give you the ultimate in performance, flavor and function. Available in 20 colors, Colored Decocremes Icings come in an assortment of versatile trending colors, sure to catch your customer’s eye.

Decadent specialty icings use the best quality ingredients to deliver rich, creamy icings that are easy to use. Take your cakes, brownies and cookies to the next level with Lawrence Foods using an assortment of fudge, cream cheese, caramel, and German chocolate icings.

Shopper habits are trending toward special occasion events.

Rich’s consumer tracking from September 2023 shows that only 38 percent took part in gatherings of over 10 people throughout the summer months, despite summer being a popular season for special occasions, like birthdays, graduations and more. Rich’s research found that 40 percent of those surveyed prefer to spend more time staying in around the holidays.

Consumers most commonly get together for no reason at all, with at least 61 percent of consumers Rich’s surveyed citing casual get-togethers with friends as the most common events they attend (about twice a month or more). Additionally, 58 percent noted that they participate most frequently in laidback gatherings like barbecues, pool parties and picnics. 

Rich’s survey found that while the shift to casual gatherings began before the COVID-19 pandemic, it has evolved from larger special social occasions where food is present, to small entertainment-focused gatherings around TV shows, sports games and game nights. Food served at these events has not only become a forum for discovery, but also enticement for attendance and a conversation starter.

This article is an excerpt from the May 2024 issue of Supermarket Perimeter. You can read the entire Cupcakes feature and more in the digital edition here.