Belshaw is an important source for donut fryers, donut equipment, and donut lines to suit your location, your production requirements, and your preferred way of working. Customers include wholesale bakeries, franchise chains, supermarkets and small businesses in every part of the world.

While a Donut Robot works, you can do other jobs. Donut Robot systems allow a single person to produce more donuts, and better-quality donuts, than standard frying. This happens because each donut is given the same frying time and is turned over at the same moment, while absorbing less oil than kettle fryers. Meanwhile the operator can do a variety of tasks such as mixing, icing or glazing, even packaging and selling. 

Cake and Mini Donut systems are the simplest, Cake and Yeast Raised systems require a Feed Table, and the Century-Mark VI is really a small industrial production line. 

Whether it’s a donut truck or a wholesale food plant, your search starts here for donut production lines and equipment that will help your business run smoothly.