VALENCIA, CALIF. — March 1 will mark the 2nd annual National Sunkist Citrus Day, and Sunkist Growers has launched a ‘Sunkist Matchmakers’ promotional campaign.

The campaign involves a digital series inspired by game shows, along with an interactive website, where users can select a Sunkist product and be matched with a surprise ingredient that would pair well with that product.

“Sunkist has teamed up with food and lifestyle influencers to craft jaw-dropping dishes and eye-catching crafts, all starring our wide array of in-season citrus varietals,” Sunkist said. “And for an extra twist of excitement, we're throwing in a mystery ingredient to prove that the most unexpected pairings can create the most spectacular results. Episode one, titled ‘Kid’s Party’ will be airing on @SunkistCitrus on Instagram and TikTok this Thursday, Feb. 22, with the remaining episodes ‘Date Night’ and ‘Meatless Mondays’ of the three-part series running through April.”

The intention of the campaign is to give consumers new, creative ideas for recipes, Sunkist said.

“Many shoppers see citrus as a stand-alone snack, juice, or simple garnish, limiting the potential ways to enjoy the fruit’s unique and refreshing flavors,” said Cassie Howard, senior director of category management and marketing at Sunkist Growers, Inc. “We want to shift the perception of citrus as a one-dimensional ingredient and showcase its remarkable ability to complement and transform a wide range of meals and occasions throughout significant shopper milestones.”

Leading up to March 1, Sunkist is also hosting Multi-Variety Display Contest for retailers to show off their in-store citrus displays.

“According to Circana, season-to-date citrus is trending ahead of last year, outpacing total produce and total fruit,” Howard said. “We want to build on that momentum, working with our retail partners to put together relevant bag programs and strategic bulk displays to continue growing the category this season.”

Sunkist said its in-season winter offerings include conventional and organic Navels, Caras, Bloods, lemons, tangelos, California mandarins, and grapefruit. The company offers retailers branded bins to showcase the citrus products.

“Shoppers say the most useful information in-stores is knowing where citrus is grown and packed,” Howard said. “We also have new grower bin headers that allow shoppers to meet the people behind the hard work that goes into growing the citrus they see in-stores.”