Europastry pastries currently being sold in grocery in-store bakeries include a wide variety of croissants, including butter, margarine, and chocolate, said Carolina More, the company’s marketing director.

One perennial top seller is Europastry’s Ready to Bake Straight Mini Butter Croissants, which are easy to handle, require no proofing and bake within an hour.

The petite size of the Mini Butter Croissants makes customization easy with different fillings, coatings, and toppings, More added.

Europastry’s more unique pastry offerings include treats like Danish Bretzels. Chocolate and almond custard are the top sellers, with raspberry and apple cinnamon gaining ground more recently.

Pastel de nata and “xuxos,” or buñuelos, are also popular ISB pastry offerings from Europastry. Today’s pastry consumers, More said, are increasingly interested in artisanal products and specialty baked goods that offer unique and high-quality flavors, presentations, and locally sourced ingredients.

In addition to meeting those demands, Europastry has prioritized using clean, sustainable and quality ingredients. ISBs that offer transparent ingredient have a great opportunity to appeal to health-conscious customers.

Many consumers want to have their cake and eat it, too, and the answer for many is what More calls “permissible indulgence” — treats that satisfy consumers’ cravings for rich flavors and textures while still being mindful of the nutritional aspects.

“Pastry makers now offer better-for-you versions of classic treats by reducing the sugar content, using healthier fats, and incorporating whole grains to create guilt-free indulgences,” she said. “Consumers are increasingly interested in pastries made with healthier ingredients such as whole grains, alternative flour, and natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup.”

Another trend Europastry keeps a close eye on, More said, is the increased use of limited time offerings (LTOs) in the pastry category.

“LTOs can be used as part of marketing and promotional strategies to attract attention, generate buzz on social media, and drive foot traffic to the bakery or online sales,” she said.

Looking at the category as a whole, baked desserts from Europe are becoming increasingly popular in supermarket assortments, More said.

“They’re now a daily offering and are expected to grow in availability with seasonal opportunities.”

ISBs can create monthly limited offers based on the origin of the desserts or the story behind their traditional recipes, she added.

Doing so provides an opportunity for people from all over the world to taste and enjoy sweet pastries, expanding their knowledge and culinary experiences.

This article is an excerpt from the February 2024 issue of Supermarket Perimeter. You can read the entire Pastries feature and more in the digital edition here.