PENNSAUKEN, NJ. — Puratos has launched Intens Soft & Fine as an alternative for mono- and diglycerides. The ingredient provides texture and quality over shelf life for items such as toast bread, hamburger buns, brioche, panettone and donuts, according to the company. Intens Soft & Fine features a blend of enzyme technologies that addresses the need to replace more expensive ingredients like lipases, full-fat soy flour and monoglycerides.

“Enzymes are crucial for delivering texture, appearance and freshness to bread in a clean label way,” said Michael Gleason, senior product manager for bakery at Pennsauken-based Puratos USA. “With Intens Soft & Fine, Puratos can now offer a revolutionary clean label solution that aligns with consumer expectations while providing a cost-efficient emulsifier alternative for bakers and bakery manufacturers seeking innovative solutions.”

Puratos used a sensory technique called Temporal Dominance of Sensations (TDS) to identify the dominant attributes perceived during bread consumption over time. The tests showed a distinction between bread with and without Intens Soft & Fine. The bread with Intens Soft & Fine had a dominant soft sensation, increased moistness and a shorter bite.