SAN BERNARDINO, CALIF. — Country Archer Provisions, a manufacturer of meat snacks, is launching a line of high-protein meat sticks.

The product is designed as an on-the-go source of protein that combines nutrients from grass-fed beef and organ meats, such as liver and heart, to deliver a variety of functional benefits. Country Archer developed the formulation in response to rising interest in the nutrition and sustainability benefits of organ meats, with offal being named one of 2024’s key ingredient trends by Tastewise.

“At Country Archer, our aim is to produce better-for-you snacks made from only the highest quality and nutrient-dense ingredients, featuring bold flavors and textures, often venturing into uncharted territories,” said Eugene Kang, co-founder and chief executive officer of Country Archer. “Considering the rise in demand for organ meats, we set out to create a delicious and nutrient-rich snack specifically for these consumers. Packed with beef liver and heart, low in sugar, and abundant in protein, this meat stick offers a protein-packed punch.”

Country Archer Ancestral Beef Blend Meat Sticks are launching in flavors like original and spicy, which features a blend of white and red pepper, habanero and chili powder. The snacks are now available in individually wrapped 24-gram sticks at Sprouts Farmers Market stores across the United States. Country Archer expects to roll out the product in additional retailers, along with online through Amazon, in March.