VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA — Alternative dairy manufacturer Daiya revealed its plant-based cheeses are now all made with the company’s new oat cream.

Daiya said it made a multi-million-dollar investment in fermentation technology to reformulate its non-dairy cheese products, leading to the development of its proprietary cultured ingredient, Daiya Oat Cream.

With a revamped recipe, the company described its alternative dairy shreds, slices, blocks and sticks as possessing “dairy-like melt and deliciously balanced cheesy” flavors.

Per Daiya, it makes use of vegan cultures and “age-old” fermentation methods to make its alternative cheeses that “mimic traditional dairy products.”

"We are so excited to finally introduce our next-generation cheese – the main ingredient of which utilizes our natural fermentation technology,” said Melanie Domer, the company’s chief commercial officer. “Our new and improved dairy-free cheeses are now made with Daiya Oat Cream blend for a cheesy, 'melts-like-dairy' experience that comforts in only the way cheese should.”

Domer said the company expects the advancement to “rejuvenate consumer confidence in the category” and “revitalize the category's market potential,” adding that Daiya considers the reformulated products capable of bridging “the gap between consumer expectations and dairy-free offerings."