HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA — A new association has been formed to support the alternative seafood industry called Future Ocean Foods. The group aims to promote food security, human health, environmental stability and ocean conservation.

Group members will use plants and cells to formulate seafood alternatives ranging from whole-cut salmon filets, sushi-grade tuna, smoked salmon, flaky white fish, shrimp, crab, calamary among others. Companies partnering with the association include The Good Food Institute, ProVeg International, and The Global Organization for EPA &DHA Omega-3s.

“This is an incredible moment in time for the future of food and our oceans,” said Marissa Bronfman, founder and executive director of Future Ocean Foods. “Alternative seafood offers us the opportunity to build a more delicious, nutritious, sustainable and ethical global food system. I am humbled and hugely excited to be working alongside these visionary founders and pioneering companies to revolutionize the seafood industry and am emboldened by the spirit of collaboration among our members. We all embrace the adage: ‘a rising tide lifts all boats.’”

Future Ocean Foods plans to increase product trials, deepen market penetration, as well as raise the nutritional profile of alternatives with a focus on protein and omegas, according to the company.

Companies joining the alternative seafood trend include Aqua Cultured Foods, Finless Foods, Wicked Kitchen, Good Catch, among others.