SAN ANTONIO — Greenhouse grower NatureSweet is now providing its Cherubs, Glorys and Constellation tomatoes to the foodservice industry.

According to NatureSweet, the bite-size snacking tomatoes are perfect for foodservice use in salads, pasta dishes, charcuterie boards and more.

“Our consumers requested it, so we’re making it a reality,” said Summer Jones, NatureSweet’s foodservice sales manager. “We are the largest vertically integrated agricultural company in North America. That means we’re involved in every stage of the process, from planting the seed, harvesting the fruit, packaging, and distribution. It’s how we guarantee great-tasting tomatoes.”

The three varieties of NatureSweet tomatoes are available in 10-ounce and 32-ounce packages. NatureSweet is launching its foodservice program with two national restaurant chains, the company said.

Benefits of greenhouse-grown produce, according to NatureSweet:

  • Consistent, superior quality due to regulated conditions of light, temperature, and humidity
  • Year-round availability unlike field grown which is highly dependent on seasonal weather
  • Socially and environmentally sustainable production compared to traditional farms
  • 87% less land required to convert from natural to arable land
  • Fair wage employment and benefits that are year-round, not just seasonal
  • Production of eight times more food
  • Prevents soil depletion