KANSAS CITY — Wholesale bakers are grappling with numerous economic challenges including inflation, labor shortages, rising raw material prices and supply chain disruptions that have increased production costs.

For these operators, minimizing costs while maintaining product quality is critical but can be difficult to accomplish. 

In the webinar “Finding Cost Efficiencies in a Baking Climate Fraught with Challenges,” presented by Lesaffre and hosted by Baking & Snack, master bakers highlight clean label ingredients that can help bakers address the challenges they’re facing by reducing costs, minimizing waste and extending shelf life to achieve a more efficient operation. 

These ingredients include pre-mixed bases that reduce labor needs, natural mold inhibitors that decrease food waste, enzyme blends and natural dough improvers that can replace traditional ingredients more difficult to source. 

Lesaffre’s Star-Zyme enzyme blend, for example, can serve as a clean label replacement of mono- and diglycerides, ingredients that some consumers find undesirable. 

“[Star-Zyme] will slow down starch retrogradation and extend fresh baked softness during the first four days of shelf life,” noted EB Russell, business development manager, Lesaffre.

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