ORLANDO, FLA . — Healthy Family Project, the charitable arm of Reidsville, Ga.-based Shuman Farms, has brought on a new team of dietitians for its 2023 Mission for Nutrition.

The team is made up of specialists in unique categories. Julie Lopez handles culinary, Qula Madkin works with sports nutrition, Chelsea Jones covers meal planning and Hayley Ewing tackles grocery.

“The well-known Mission for Nutrition resource kit, featuring materials from health-conscious brand partners, was mailed to more than 400 retail dietitians at 52 retailers and more than 100 school food service and nutrition directors across the US and Canada,” said a representative for the Healthy Family Project. “The recipients are encouraged to utilize the kit materials in events and activities throughout National Nutrition Month.”

National Nutrition Month was designed by the American Academy of Dietetics to encourage people to pay attention to their nutrition throughout the month of March.

Along with the Mission for Nutrition resource kit, Healthy Family Project has created an online Nutrition Education Resource Center that has free resources for people to access all year, not just during National Nutrition Month.

“Each year we look to enhance Mission for Nutrition, and the addition of our 2023 dietitian team was the perfect complement to an already robust and established program,” said Trish James, vice president at Healthy Family Project. “Our newly developed online nutrition resource center adds an extra value to the existing kits and offers additional ways for retail dietitians and school food service and nutrition directors to talk to shoppers and students.”

Healthy Family Project will give a $1,000 scholarship for continued education to one of the dietitians who utilizes the Mission for Nutrition resources in March.

Partners of Mission for Nutrition will also be donating a total of $8,000 to International Fresh Produce Association’s Foundation for Fresh Produce to provide access to fruits and vegetables in schools.

The project’s partners include Bee Sweet Citrus, JAZZ apples by Oppy, Nature Fresh Farms and Shuman Farms RealSweet Onions.