HILMAR, CALIF. – Cheese manufacturer and international whey ingredients supplier Hilmar ushered in an upgraded version of its HilmarConnect digital trading platform, making it accessible to customers worldwide.

The company said users operating from any location can now utilize the HilmarConnect Global platform any time of any day for the latest information regarding cheese availability, prices and timing of shipments.

“Hilmar is dedicated to our philosophy of flexibility and responsiveness to our customer relationships, and we’re excited to provide this solution,” said Travis Coffey, the company’s director of sales.

The California-based dairy manufacturer shared that the digital platform offers web-based desktop and mobile applications, and Hilmar has added the ability to track 40 lb block cheddar sales.

Per Hilmar, it will use live bidding events every two weeks, providing visibility to “real-time global supply and demand volatility.” The company said it also will allow customers to secure future Hilmar capacity while maintaining the option to adjust product variety when it gets closer to the production date.

What’s more, the cheese manufacturer noted that its HilmarConnect Global platform “presents improved price discovery and arbitrage opportunities, allowing customers to evaluate price and physical supply in a single event.”

Hilmar shared that the platform is powered by Nui Markets and debuts as more and more B2B buyers want a digital purchasing option.