MADISON, WIS. — Placon won a 2024 WorldStar award from the World Packaging Organisation for its Crystal Seal Cravings, a line of tamper-evident round deli packaging.

Placon’s Cravings line won in the Packaging Materials and Components category, which is for packaging that includes “any specific material or component which creates a differentiating appearance, unique functionality or notable innovation.”

According to Placon, its Crystal Seal Cravings line has the following benefits:

  • Comes in various sizes, including a unique 32-ounce tall option for holding cored pineapples.
  • Caters to the needs of the growing convenience and on-the-go deli food market.
  • Is made from Placon’s EcoStar post-consumer recycled PET.
  • Provides sustainable and recyclable packaging.
  • Simplifies stacking and merchandising for store employees.
  • Addresses the demand for increased product visibility and tamper-evident closures.
  • Features crystal clear material and patented tamper-evident base-to-lid tab closure mechanism.
  • Ensures product safety before purchase.
  • Allows for container reuse at home.

“The WorldStar awards are the gold standard in the packaging industry, and we are thrilled and honored to win for the Cravings line,” said Theresa Pope, Placon VP of NPD Engineering. “This award validates the work of our design team and solidifies Placon’s place as a premier package provider in the food, deli and grab-and-go container space.”