As demand for fresh peppers continues to grow in grocery store produce departments, pepper producers are expanding acreage, exploring new varieties and coming up with new SKUs to keep retailers and their customers happy.

Kingsville, Ont.-based DelFrescoPure offers a wide variety of peppers, all customizable in various formats, said Sonia Klinger, marketing manager.

Current SKUs include:

  • Sweet Rainbow Peppers
  • Sweetreats
  • Organic Rainbow Peppers
  • Sweet Red Peppers (bulk)
  • Sweet Yellow Peppers (bulk)
  • Sweet Orange Peppers (bulk)

Among the strongest performers for the company are Sweet Rainbow Peppers, a staple commodity that adds bold flavor, color and versatility to any dish, Klinger said.

Also popular are the company’s snackable, on-the-go products, which have been gaining momentum for several years, Klinger said. DelFrescoPure’s Sweetreats peppers fit the bill perfectly.

“People are looking for healthy snacks not only for themselves but for their families. As we know, life is busy and our Sweetreats are the perfect grab and go snack.” Sweetreats are great paired with dips or enjoyed directly from the grill, she said.

Demand for the entire pepper category, Klinger said, is strong. And greenhouse-grown peppers like those produced by DelFrescoPure are providing consumers with quality products at the competitive prices they’re looking for.

“Our greenhouse grown produce, in particular our peppers, are available all year around, enabling consumers to eat vitamin rich foods not just in peak summer months, but in times when fresh produce typically would not be available.”

One thing that separates DelFrescoPure peppers from the competition, Klinger said, is transparency in its sustainability and growing practices.

Among the highlights of these efforts are:

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

DelFrescoPure uses Beneficial Bugs to prevent and treat issues like pests and diseases in its greenhouses. These insects fight off harmful insects, molds and mildews, and other damaging elements to help keep the facilities ecosystems healthy, so that plants can grow and thrive in peace.

Energy Curtains

DelFrescoPure greenhouses use a single-screen energy curtain to help provide shading where needed, reflect heat throughout the greenhouse, and lower energy usage. They help control the environment in the greenhouse naturally so that the company can lower its energy usage, while maintaining optimal temperatures and humidity levels.

Recyclable Materials

DelFrescoPure uses cardboard and plastic materials to pack and ship its products in a manner that maintains food safety and quality. Many of the packaging materials that the company’s products are packed in are made from recycled materials themselves. DelFrescoPure’s plastic clamshells, for instance, are made from up to 60% recycled materials.

This article is an excerpt from the November 2023 issue of Supermarket Perimeter. You can read the entire Peppers feature and more in the digital edition here.