FRANKFURT, GERMANY — Corbion, OFI and FrieslandCampina Ingredients were among the recipients of Fi Innovation Awards given out during Fi Europe in Frankfurt. The awards were presented on Nov. 28.

Corbion won the sensory innovation award for Purac powder MAX, an ingredient range that allows manufacturers to make acid-panned and tablet confections with a superior sour taste. A non-hygroscopic acid powder, the ingredient is available in different particle sizes, according to Corbion. It allows confectioners to incorporate acid powder throughout the layers of hard-panned candy to provide faster flavor release and to deliver sourness at multiple points.

“We are so pleased for Corbion to be recognized with this award because it confirms that, in developing Purac powder MAX, we focused on delivering innovation that really makes a difference for our customers,” said Willy van Arkel, senior business development manager and product manager at Corbion. “Great innovations like this make it possible for consumers to have new and better experiences. For our customers, this product is a game-changer.”

The sustainability innovation award went to OFI, a business of Olam International, for its carbon scenario planner designed to advance climate action. The digital tool helps food and beverage manufacturers model the impact of different scenarios for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“We're delighted that Food Ingredients Europe has chosen to recognize the progress we’ve made,” said Christopher Stewart, PhD, global head of sustainability at OFI. “For our customers, knowing where carbon emissions are coming from in their supply chains is critical to understanding how to reduce them cost-effectively, and meet science-based climate targets. The carbon scenario planner translates ideas into detailed, robustly modelled scenarios that can deliver long-term greenhouse gas reductions.”  

FrieslandCampina received the food tech innovation award for its Kievit Vana Cappa X01 foam booster that produces nitrogen bubbles at high pressure in powdered form, allowing consumers to create a cappuccino coffee instantly.

“What makes us so proud is that this award acknowledges the endless possibilities that our foam booster gives manufacturers to create sensory novelties and new structures, as well as to solve the pain points of unstable, thin, collecting foam,” said Carolien Roseboom, global marketing lead for FrieslandCampina. “I can imagine that is going to motivate us to continue developing in this area.”

Plant-based innovation awards went to ChickP Protein for its functional pure 90% chickpea protein isolate and the HI-Food and Alianza team for mirror tissue, a range of oil-based emulsions designed to mimic the functional, structural and sensory attributes of animal fats.

ChickP’s ingredients provide protein-infused functionality and a nutritional boost to applications such as ready-to-drink beverages, dry-blend beverages, bars, dairy alternatives, meat alternatives and baked foods. An extraction process creates the ingredients.

Hi-Food is a CSM Ingredients company that specializes in the research, development and production of natural ingredients. Alianza Team Europe is the European division of the Colombia multinational company.

“I have always been a strong supporter of collaborations between companies because they allow us to combine forces and generate innovations with a significant positive impact on both the environment and people’s well-being,” said Aldo Uva, chief executive officer of CSM Ingredients. “New fats, in particular, are among the most interesting areas of research and development, with the potential to significantly evolve the food industry. I am convinced that this is just the beginning of a fruitful and lasting business relationship with Alianza Team, which will soon extend to other important areas.”

MycoTechnology, Inc. received the health innovation award for FermentIQ PTP, a pea and rice protein powder that helps unlock the nutritional potential of plant proteins. MycoTechnology takes a blend of pea and rice protein and ferments it with shiitake mushroom mycelium to create FermentIQ PTP.

The diversity and inclusion innovation award went to Solidaridad for its efforts to promote women in farming through its feminization of agriculture supply chains.

“Judging the Fi Innovation Awards is always a tough task because the standard of entries is so high and all of the finalists are worthy contenders,” said Colin Denis, PhD, a judge. “What was particularly apparent this year was how much work the industry is putting into innovation that supports healthier, more sustainable eating. At a time when there is so much talk of problems and crises in the world, it is heartening to see companies pushing scientific boundaries to find solutions.”