Super Sweet Italian Long Peppers, Mini Sweet Peppers, and a big variety of mixed bells are among the current pepper offerings from San Antonio-based NatureSweet, said Jenny Halpin, the company’s external communications manager.

Branching out into peppers has proven to be a great decision for the company, Halpin said.

“Our journey beyond tomatoes has opened up new horizons, allowing us to connect with folks seeking fresh, flavorful, and sustainably grown products," Halpin said.

The surge in consumer interest in snacking and on-the-go items has helped propel that expansion, which has included collaborating with multiple national retailers to introduce seedless snacking peppers.

“Just like seedless grapes and watermelons, we believe these will be a hit,” Halpin said.

In November, NatureSweet launched its Constellation Seedless Mini Sweet Peppers at a limited number of retailers, with significant expansion planned for 2024.

Constellations are a three-color medley of seedless mini sweet peppers that are sweeter and more snackable than other products in the category, Halpin said.

It’s a perfect extension, she added, of the NatureSweet Constellation brand, the company’s medley of flavorful tomatoes.

“It offers the flavor, color, and freshness that consumers know our brand for.”

Also new for NatureSweet is a new look and more user-friendly interface for its website, which Halpin said is “our one-stop shop to delve into our story and explore our delectable products.”

This article is an excerpt from the November 2023 issue of Supermarket Perimeter. You can read the entire Peppers feature and more in the digital edition here.