OCEANSIDE, CALIF. – Olli Salumeria named Tim Goldsmid as its first chief executive officer. Goldsmid will join the Olli Salumeria team at the North American Convenience Store (NACS) trade show in Atlanta, Oct. 3-6.

Oliviero Colmignoli, founder of Olli Salumeria, will remain active in the company’s day-to-day business, serving as the company’s president with a key role in operations and product development. Colmignoli said the addition of Goldsmid as CEO is an investment in the company’s development as a mainstream consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand.

“Tim’s background covers many different areas of expertise within the CPG category, he knows how to take food brands to market,” he said. “By optimizing our processes and focusing on distribution and retail partners, we will grow Olli into a widely distributed household brand, without sacrificing quality or profitability.”

Goldsmid, who brings more than 20 years of experience in the CPG space, assumes the day-to-day leadership of the company, focusing on elevating the commercial side of the business including sales, marketing and innovation.

“There is a lot of potential in both the Olli brand and the salami category in general and I’m thrilled for the opportunity to help this company reach the next level,” Goldsmid said. “Olli has a world-class product portfolio and the passion of the team here is undeniable. I am eager to help Olli become the leading premium salami brand in the United States.”

“There have been several trends in protein categories over the past few years, including immense interest in charcuterie experiences,” he added. “I see a great deal of potential to grow the top end of the protein and charcuterie categories, so partnering with retailers to offer our products and insights into these areas will allow us to capitalize on these trends.”

Prior to joining Olli, Goldsmid led the growth of several large food brands including Pacific Foods, Jack’s Links, Red Baron and several legacy General Mill’s brands including Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, and Cascadian Farm, the company said.

Goldsmid’s addition to Olli Salumeria as the company’s first CEO marks considerable growth for the privately owned company, which was founded in 2010 by Colmignoli in Richmond, Va., and expanded to a state-of-the-art facility in Oceanside, Calif., eight years ago. Olli’s growth coincides with an uptick in consumer interest for charcuterie, which surged over 300% during the pandemic as consumers sought exciting, premium foods at home, and this interest has continued, post-pandemic, according to the company.

“Our company has grown considerably over the past 13 years and much of that growth has been driven by our passion for salami-making — but it’s time for Olli to get to the next level,” Colmignoli said. “Under Tim’s leadership, we will strengthen relationships with key industry partners, while exploring new markets and focusing on new product innovation. We plan on doubling the size of this company over the next five years.”