2023 is a year for innovation at St. Louis-based Volpi Foods, said Deanna Depke, marketing manager.

For starters, the company has updated its Eco-Pack packaging to be more sustainable. Consumers can now peel away the plastic lining and recycle the paper-based backing.

“With 80% less plastic than a standard deli pack, we’re leading the way in the deli industry,” Depke said. Later this year, Volpi will release two snack product lines that are designed to give consumers quality snacking options whether they’re on the go, seeking a lunch snack for their children, or needing fuel between activities.

Demand for specialty meats that are better-quality, better-for-you, and better for the planet is on the rise. “Our consumers live active lifestyles and care about the environment around them,” Depke said. “Since they’re more conscious than ever about what they’re consuming, we’re seeing an increase in people wanting more transparency in the deli.”

People are placing value — and not just monetary value — on the items they purchase because of things like animal welfare standards and environmental sustainability.

They’re willing to spend more on products that they trust have their best interest in mind, Depke said. In addition, shoppers are seeking convenient solutions for recipe ingredients, party appetizers and snacking options that were created with quality in mind.

Volpi is also keeping a close eye on the ever-rising demand for convenience. Providing consumers with pre-packaged, pre-sliced and chopped items helps take the guess work out of the decision-making process, Depke said.

Another trend worth tracking, she added, is a growing number of shoppers who are looking for quality ingredients for their recipes or other ways to elevate their meal.

Volpi’s Pepperoni & Chorizo Crumbles meets this demand perfectly, Depke said. People are adding it to their shopping baskets or carts, along with fresh pizza dough and mozzarella shreds, for an easy meal solution.

Another recommendation Volpi makes to its retail partners is to merchandise chopped pancetta next to refrigerated pasta, which yields incremental purchases from typical non-deli shoppers and adds an exciting twist to a weekday dinner.