Wegmans is the latest retailer to trial Shop-E, an instore shopping aid that not only makes shopping more convenient but helps retailers save on labor.

Made by Israel-based Shopic, Shop-E is an AI-powered, patent-pending clip-on device that turns any standard shopping cart into a smart cart, a retail media channel, and a data collector.

After a shopper gets their cart, they select a Shop-E and attach it. The device automatically registers everything they put in their cart, and when they’re done shopping, the total cost is displayed on the Shop-E monitor – no scanning required. They then pay on the same device before detaching the Shop-E and taking their cart to their car.

“It’s as simple and smooth as it gets,” according to Shopic. “It uses computer vision to automatically identify products inserted or removed, is fully transparent and presents the bills constantly on a large touch screen.”

The cart’s screen is also a highly effective retail media channel, reaching shoppers with personalized offers, exactly where and when they select products.

With Shopic, shoppers’ monthly spend is increased by 8%, according to the company. 

“Shopic creates low friction, highly personalized, and fully interactive shopping experiences in brick-and-mortar supermarkets. Bringing the advantages of online commerce to physical stores, we also help grocers optimize their store management with digitized data analytics.”

Shopic’s solution is easy to deploy at scale, simple to operate and highly cost-effective. More than 96% of shoppers love the experience, while basket sizes see double-digit increases and shrinkage is sliced by more than half, according to Shopic.