VANCOUVER, BC. — FPS Food Process Solutions celebrated World Food Safety Day on June 7 by providing some tips on food-processing hygienic standards. 

The World Health Organization launched the 2023 theme for World Food Safety Day, “Food standards save lives,” which called on established food safety practices and standards to ensure food safety and quality.

As a freezing and cooling equipment company, FPS understands that maintaining hygienic standards in the food processing stages is important to stop contamination. FPS said it provides detailed attention to sanitary design for best manufacturing practices.

The most common foodborne pathogens that affect millions of people each year are bacteria like Salmonella, Campylobacter, Listeria and E. Coli

FPS advised that one of the most effective ways to reduce bacterial growth is through temperature control, where people avoid the risk of microbial activity between 40°F – 140°F that can lead to foodborne diseases and illnesses.

The company said that it utilizes structural and mechanical engineering concepts to reduce bacterial growth while retaining the quality and integrity of the food products when it undergoes the freezing or chilling stage. 

The possible cross-contamination on surfaces and in the air are other factors FPS considers when working on food safety strategies.

Some of the points emphasized by the company include having a fully welded enclosure building to reduce external entry points while maintaining safe temperature levels. 

Next, the company said to eliminate bacteria points that can catch and hold food debris with minimal lap joints and bolting. Externally mounted fan motors were important to keep lubricants, oils and foreign matter from entering the food processing stage. 

Lastly, FPS said all equipment should be cleaned from the inside to reduce and eliminate potential contaminants such as leftover food debris, mold or even industrial cleaning chemicals used that can enter food products. 

FPS explained that it uses a Recirculating Clean-in-Place (CIP) System, a dishwasher cleaning concept that cleans freezers from the inside, significantly reducing labor and energy costs.

“With a fully welded stainless-steel floor that slopes for effective drainage, leftover cleaning chemicals are removed, thus removing the potential of chemical contamination in the next batch of food products used in the freezer,” the company concluded.