When it comes to lemons, Wonderful is working hard to raise awareness for its latest produce innovation, Wonderful Seedless Lemons, now in its fourth year.

Volumes of the naturally seedless, non-GMO Project-verified variety are available nationally in Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Kroger, and other grocery retailers. This season, Laffite said, the company introduced new secondary display bins – perfect for multiple locations throughout any store format.

“The new displays have a small footprint and feature beautiful recipes and cocktails to inspire new usage occasions and demonstrate how Wonderful Seedless Lemons can enhance any dish or beverage.”

Wonderful also launched a digital campaign on Pinterest with culinary-led creative to generate brand affinity and emphasize the ease that comes with cooking/baking with lemons that have no seeds. 

Over the past two years, Wonderful has seen a surge in interest for citrus subcategories, specifically for their functional benefits and convenience, Laffite said.

“Consumers are continuing to seek good-for-you snacks they can enjoy on-the-go and incorporate into their healthier lifestyles, especially ones offered by citrus. Wonderful Halos are easy to peel, free of common allergens and provide an excellent source of vitamin C, with 50% of the recommended daily value per serving.”

Lemon sales have also gotten a boost from increased concern for health, Laffite said.

Wonderful Seedless Lemons are an excellent source of vitamin C, which supports immunity, among other health benefits. 

And with no seeds or prep work needed, they can be easily integrated into dishes and drinks to add color and flavor.