When consumers take a trip to the supermarket, they’re stopping at the in-store bakery. According to the recent, inaugural report from The Food Industry Association, “The Power of In-Store Bakery 2022,” consumer engagement with these baked goods remains high — 95% of all shoppers eat them at least occasionally, and 63% of all shoppers eat them weekly.

To capture this audience, food retailers can prioritize the quality of bakery items that inspire purchases: freshness and indulgence.

Quality is a reliable business model for in-story bakery. There is no greater shortcut to success than great-tasting baked goods with terrific visual appeal.

Even in times of economic uncertainty, quality remains a powerful, decision-making force. For operators, it’s important to recognize that quality drives profits, foot traffic and repeat visits.

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And the audience for indulgence is growing. As consumers care more for their mental health and wellness, their mindset and approach to sweet baked goods has shifted. They’re no longer feeling guilty about indulging in a pick-me-up but instead prioritize enjoying the opportunity for something that makes them feel good. They are looking for a daily delight to provide a sense of mental well-being.

To be worthy of the indulgence, baked goods need to be delicious and an experience for the senses. Here, in-store bakery can find an advantage over the bakery aisle. Thanks to the opportunity for walk-by visual appeal, these items can motivate impulse purchases and drive long-lasting sales.

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For In-Store Bakeries the need for visual appeal and showcasing a variety often leads to high levels of shrink. Too much shrinkage causes a circle of inefficiency, leading to added waste and increased labor and costs.

Supermarkets across the United States while appealing to impulse purchase often have too much shrink. According to data from ReFED, a New York-based nonprofit focused on food waste, more than a third of the 229 million tons of available food went unsold or uneaten in the United States in 2019. And nearly 9 billion meals worth of food is wasted each year, the equivalent of 2% of the country’s GDP.

As the partner for bakery success, Dawn Foods has formulated a solution that can help reduce shrink and capture the growing audience for indulgence and impulse purchase. That means more revenue for you at in-store bakery. This key product innovation is a solution to address waste reduction and drive consumer appeal with freshly packaged glazed donuts.

glazed donuts in plastic boxes

Source: Dawn Foods

The Dawn Exceptional® Pak Perfect™ Non-Sticky Donut Glaze is a patent-pending glaze technology that allows for packaged yeast-raised doughnuts to stay non-sticky for up to five days. This is a significant product innovation that will improve shelf life, can help reduce shrink and ultimately provide that key financial benefits.

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The stickiness and dissolving of the glaze on packaged donuts has been a long-standing challenge for in-store bakeries. Now, you can keep packaged donuts softer, fresher and more appealing with Dawn Exceptional® Pak Perfect™ Non-Sticky Donut Glaze. Click here to view.

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Dawn Exceptional® Pak Perfect™ Non-Sticky Donut Glaze keeps your yeast-raised, glazed donuts visually appealing and fresher longer, sweetening your profits. Click here to watch.

 See The Appeal For Yourself


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