Standout Cakes

This top-selling category can make an in-store bakery stand out to customers. Creating exciting cakes takes some creativity, and the right icings, fillings and toppings can make a huge difference. Dawn’s products are designed to create visually stunning cakes with less effort.

 decorated s'mores cake on a stand
Source: Dawn Foods

Staying on trend and in season is no longer a concern when bakeries partner with Dawn. Every year, seasonal inspiration guides inspire bakeries to stay ahead of new cake flavors trends with eye-catching cakes. These new seasonal recipes are perfect for summer: 

Alongside the inspiration, Dawn has cake solutions to help in-store bakeries drive efficiency and productivity. Dawn Baker’s Request cake mixes are formulated to bake flat without domed tops, ready for decorations. The level surfaces mean less waste and less time wasted. Workers don’t need to spend time trimming the bellies and can simply bake and decorate. 

Indulgent Gourmet Cupcakes

With customers turning to smaller, more affordable indulgences these days, in-store bakeries have an opportunity to drive additional sales. Gourmet cupcakes—single serving, indulgent cupcakes, often with unique flavors—elevate a regular cupcake into a premium item that can increase profitability. 

colorful cupcakes
Source: Dawn Foods

With Dawn’s Gourmet Cupcake Program, it’s easy to attract customers while still maintaining operational efficiency. The program offers inspirational ideas, easy-to-use recipe cards and training videos for staff. That means less time and skill are required to create new flavors and unique combinations that can help differentiate and draw in more consumers to the in-store bakery. 

More Donut Variety

Diversifying bakery cake assortments means in-store bakeries must also produce a variety of donuts. It may be a challenge to stay on top of market trends, the latest techniques and flavor trends for seasonal offerings. But focusing on all of these can create a powerful donut program that will attract shoppers. 

As the partner for in-store bakeries, Dawn Foods provides variety, flexibility and solutions for the latest trends and techniques. Total donut solutions include all the products needed like mixes, fillings, glazes, toppings and more, and insights into the latest seasonal flavors and Limited Time Offers (LTOs). 

 blueberry donuts
Source: Dawn Foods

Seasonal flavors and LTOs entice customers to try new things they normally wouldn’t — usually on impulse. These donuts can help bring customers back by creating intrigue and excitement. Dawn partners with in-store bakeries to plan a full-year schedule of seasonal favorites, including new varieties of donuts like the Gingerbread Donut for fall. See some of Dawn’s seasonal offerings here:  

Inspired Innovations

Innovation is challenging in today’s labor environment. The new Pak Perfect™ Non-Sticky Donut Glaze from Dawn allows in-store bakeries to sell packaged yeast raised donuts for a 5-day shelf life. This helps solve labor issues by not having to constantly restock shelves. It also reduces shrink and waste as the dontus have a much longer selling period. Dawn provides solutions to help integrate new products while minimizing other challenges. 

 glazed donuts
Source: Dawn Foods

Empowering Staff

Like nearly every business, time and labor issues have a major impact on in-store bakeries. When a team lacks the experience or needs help to drive greater efficiency and productivity, a strong partnership with industry pros can provide the support, ideas and know-how needed. Dawn’s technical services team is made up of baker experts who  advise on product performance, optimize recipes for specific equipment, help introduce new products and troubleshoot roadblocks. 

Solving Problems with Partnership

For in-store bakeries that are looking to get more done with less, Dawn Foods can be the ideal partner. In addition to Dawn’s portfolio of total cake and donut solutions, Dawn partners with manufacturers to make frozen donuts and cakes that are ready to finish on-site by in-store bakeries. As a true partner for bakery success, Dawn helps in-store bakeries find the solution that works best for them. 

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