Doug Sampson has been a part of Dawn’s Technical Sales Representative (TSR) team for years. And while the in-store bakery environment is always changing, there are fundamental opportunities that remain, like optimizing assortments, ensuring product consistency and quality, and training teams to best reflect your business and your expertise.

Now more than ever, when bakeries are being asked to do more with less while meeting consumer demands, the Dawn team of TSRs is in the field working with customers to help them be as efficient and successful as possible.

Doug’s expertise is mostly focused on cake and donut optimization and performance, but he sees the same opportunities for nearly every bakery, regardless of their product mix or creative focus. 

“Typically, we start by asking our customers questions because we want to know what they consider their pain points to be,” Doug said. “Is it training staff on new techniques? Do they want to improve decorating to increase their prices? Do they need solutions to help reduce shrink and waste?”

person's hands icing a cupcake with piping bag
Source: Dawn Foods

No matter the questions, there is always a best-in-class process our TSR’s follow to ensure customers are reaping the benefits of Dawn’s technical experience.“Once we know where the customer wants to improve and grow, we look at the mix of products they’re using to make sure they’re investing in the right items to help them create finished baked goods with maximum appeal.”

In today’s environment of rising costs, bakeries need access to products and solutions that make economic sense. “In-store bakery managers are facing pressure to balance having the right inventory to drive impulse sales while avoiding too much cost with high shrinkage,” Doug said. “We can help bring solutions to address both the overall appeal of their baked goods, as well as extend shelf life to help reduce waste and the impact on your bottom line.”

In-store bakeries are also turning to Dawn to help adjust training programs to meet the diverse skill sets of today’s teams. “Today’s bakery workforce is coming from many different starting points with experience and skills,” Doug said. “Bakeries are adapting by evolving their training to address this wide range of capabilities. Today, we’re working with employees with no bakery experience up to seasoned decorators. Regardless of the starting point, our team can help bakery staff get up to speed on mastering new recipes and techniques, and integrating trends that help you create the treats your customers crave and that drive sales and profitability.”

baker smiling and standing behind rows of baked goodSource: Dawn Foods


Is your bakery ready to improve efficiency and quality? Here’s our list of three simple ways to get started with the Dawn TSR team of technical experts:

1. Perfect Your Product Mix

Doug encourages customers to assess your product mix regularly to ensure you’re maximizing the assortment that consumers are seeking. With frequent new product introductions, it makes sense to audit what you’re using and integrate new items that can save you time, money, and labor.

2. Target Your Trouble Areas

Managing shrink is a goal for every in-store bakery manager. Our TSR team will help find solutions that can maximize appeal of your products and help extend shelf life to reduce waste that leads to shrink. 

3. Integrate New Products with Ease

New products or Limited Time Offers (LTOs) can be intimidating if you don’t plan to work them into your rotation effectively. Dawn’s TSRs can help you choose the best items to stand out for your customers.

Dawn’s TSR team are bakers themselves, making them primed to understand the unique challenges of the market. “We’ve walked where our customers are walking, and we understand what keeps them up at night. Their goals are often the same goals we have, so we can help from that point of view,” Doug added.

Are you ready to work with Dawn’s team of TSRs? Connect with one of our representatives to get started.