SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.VA. — Hardy County, W. Va.-based poultry farm Oak Tree Farm recently upgraded its property by installing nearly 1,400 solar panels. This new addition will produce more than 940,000 kilowatts of energy per year, which is almost 100% of the poultry farm’s energy consumption.

The solar panels were installed by Solar Holler, and the company said the installation was the largest solar project in the state.

“To say we’re thrilled to have reached this latest milestone might be an understatement,” the solar company said. “But building and turning on the largest solar system in West Virginia history isn’t just a nice notch in our belt. The 10% reduction in the cost of electricity for Oak Tree Farm is going to allow them to expand operations, which means hiring more West Virginians and bringing more food production back to the state.”

“We’re extremely proud of this beautiful project and the work that went into it and are looking forward to similar partnerships with other Appalachian businesses in the years ahead,” Solar Holler added.