MIAMI — Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. has introduced its new Del Monte Zero pineapples.

The pineapples are grown in Costa Rica and certified carbon neutral by third-party certification body SCS Global Services.

According to Del Monte, SCS Global Services reported that the Del Monte Zero pineapples have a carbon footprint net zero as the greenhouse gas emissions have been negated by the reabsorption of Fresh Del Monte-owned forests.

“Fresh Del Monte Zero pineapples set an important new benchmark for the global fresh produce industry,” said Stan Rhodes, president and CEO of SCS Global Services. “They have not only demonstrated adherence to extremely rigorous principles of social responsibility, environmental and governance performance but have also focused on increasing carbon storage on the lands they own and manage, while simultaneously minimizing their GHG emissions, to achieve carbon neutral certification. In doing so, they are confronting the climate crisis head-on.”

“Going beyond the farm to include emissions from inland and oceanic transportation, distribution and commercialization is a major step in helping the environment,” said Hans Sauter, chief sustainability office and senior vice president of R&D and agricultural services. “We hope that the Del Monte Zero pineapples not only generate awareness among our customers, current and future partners but also provide consumers with a unique opportunity to support climate-conscious produce.”