What grocery meat department trend are you most excited about heading into 2023? We asked four industry leaders.

Hilary Burroughs, marketing director, Wayne-Sanderson Farms

As the disruption of COVID dissipates and with inflation predicted to reduce in 2023, an appreciation for where our food is sourced appears to only be gettingstronger. From people’s own local communities, locally produced ingredients, regional cuisines, and flavors, I’m excited to see how food brands and retailers can reflect the consumer’s growing dynamism of food moving forward while ensuring people’s expectations for convenience continue to be delivered upon.

Frans van Dongen, director of international affairs, Dutch Meat Industry Association

Obviously, we are excited about increased consumer interest in veal. In the last few years, consumers have become more confident in cooking and more willing to experiment. Veal volume sales rose 4% from 2019 to 2021 in addition to other exotic meat categories. While veal is still a small piece of the market, this demonstrates strong consumer momentum in trying new types and cuts of meat.

Britney Banuelos, senior brand manager, Tyson Foods

In today’s digital world, preparing and enjoying food has become a celebration: Consumers use food to share their experiences or even as an art form. The meat category has an opportunity to share the spotlight with other foods, because who doesn’t get excited about ribs or a nice, juicy steak?

Mike Drury, president, Greater Omaha Packing Co.

During the pandemic, many home cooks sharpened their skills in the kitchen, and as things normalize, we are seeing the effects of that at the meat case. Consumers are recreating restaurant meals at home, increasing the retail demand for USDA Prime and premium beef offerings.