What is the most important thing grocery produce departments must do to stay successful going forward? We asked four industry leaders.

Chris Veillon, chief marketing officer, Pure Flavor

Quality drives repeat sales in fresh, hands down. Produce managers must continue maintaining a high standard of quality for their customers to keep them coming back, day after day. Frequency of visits to fresh produce aisles can increase dramatically with consistency in product quality, regardless of the season. Greenhouse grown produce can be the answer for produce managers with a consistent and flavorful supply year-round.

Pablo Rivero, vice president of marketing, Fresh Del Monte North America

Although many factors can contribute to the success of grocery produce departments, product innovation is essential. Through 135 years of experience, Fresh Del Monte has come to understand the importance of adapting to new trends and meeting consumer demands. To keep up with everchanging product expectations, produce departments must offer a variety of whole, fresh-cut and organic produce, versatile for any recipe and occasion. As a result of its extensive product range, Fresh Del Monte continues to grow and stay successful within the produce industry through constant innovation and strategic partnerships, aligning with partners who share similar values.

Jan DeLyser, vice president of marketing, California Avocado Commission

Grocery produce departments need to stay fresh and interesting year-round, merchandising locally grown items and seasonal items like California avocados when they are available. Produce naturally offers vibrant colors and enticing aromas, and a winning approach combines creative merchandising that showcases what consumers seek while keeping the produce fresh and appealing.

Caitlin Gerstenberger, senior business development representative, Oppy

Utilizing shelf space is paramount. Make sure displays are well-stocked with high-quality tried-and-true and new flavors — providing customers with the freshest produce possible will keep them coming back and make eating healthy an exciting endeavor. Also be sure to use signage and POS materials to educate consumers on products, especially for unique flavor and growing methods.