OCEANSIDE, CALIF. — US salami maker Olli Salumeria is launching a line of preservative-free meat snacks called Olli Salamini.

The clean-label products are available in four varieties — Classic, Bourbon, Smoked and Pequin — and come in a 2.6-oz package that contains six individual salami sticks for a suggested retail price of $4.99 - $5.99.

“Consumers are snacking like never before and placing a greater emphasis on healthier snacks, including high-protein options that are satiating and taste great,” said Oliviero Colmignoli, Olli Salumeria president and founder. “But part of that shift toward health-conscious snacking includes more awareness of ingredients. People want to easily understand the label on packaged products, which led to our development of preservative-free salami that includes only simple, quality ingredients.”

While salt is the primary ingredient used for curing and preserving salami, salami makers have long relied on nitrates and nitrites as added preservatives. However, Olli Salumeria has eliminated the need for celery juice powder-derived nitrates and nitrites, achieving a 5-log reduction in its proprietary salami curing process. The process inactivates over 99% of microbes in the meat, resulting in effectively preservative-free salami, the company said.

“Our ongoing mission is to introduce Americans to the distinctive taste of slow-cured Italian-style salami, and we continue to introduce new ways to enjoy these authentic flavors through product innovation, serving suggestions and more,” Colmignoli said. “While salami is already versatile, there is a clear opportunity to expand within the snack category and make it easier than ever to enjoy our famous salami on-the-go.”

In addition to the Olli Salamini sticks, the company is also introducing Olli Salamini and Curds, a combination of classic mini salami sticks and cheddar cheese curds in a portable two-compartment tray. With a suggested retail price of $3.99 – 4.99, the meat and cheese snacks are shipping to retailers.

Olli Salumeria will display its new line of salami snacks at the North American Convenience Store (NACS) trade show in Las Vegas Oct. 1-4.